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Company profile

Minova Consulting is an established and well-respected international management consulting company specializing in organization and business development for commercial, service and industrial companies.

Providing a broad spectrum of consulting services, Minova’s conceptual framework and business concept are based on a foundation of “Performance Management”.

Working internationally, Minova’s concepts, working practices and business approaches are adjusted to address each individual company’s cultural diversity, nuances and requirements. In addition, our conceptual framework accommodates adjustment for preexisting programs and projects ensuring Minova’s projects are complementary and supportive to existing organizational activities.

Minova utilizes proven measurable, hands on and bottom line working concepts as our consultants work in partnership with our clients from a hands on lead management perspective.

Minova’s skills are combined in a variety of specialized academic units as experience and knowledge are gathered. Project teams and support for task are carefully selected from these specialty units. Process and change is coordinated to the customer’s existing organization, agreed strategies and objectives – generally in extremely close collaboration with the client’s executives and employees.

Minova customizes organization and system changes to each client’s specific needs.

The scope of our work ranges from total restructuring of a company’s business processes to the optimization of one or more selected sub areas. In addition we consult on short-term specialty projects where we provide specific knowledge and project support focused on a particular organizational opportunity or challenge.

Minova’s head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark with additional offices located in Horsens, Denmark.