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Minova Consulting’s success and future development is directly linked to the success of our projects. Therefore ensuring that our consulting services meet real needs and are always of the highest quality with high and long lasting value for our clients is of key importance to us.

We work at all levels of an organization. With the establishment of a task we often use a concept that contains 3 action phases:  an analysis phase, a project implementation phase and a phase that ensures the continuity and continued performance achievement.

The model below shows the 3 phases and examples of the work areas and results:

See table of Minova Concept in PDF format

Minova Consulting is the ideal partner for change and improvement support when it comes to implementation of:

Business Analysis
Identification of development opportunities and potential for improvement, preparation of project plans and action programs.

Management, consulting, training / education and practical involvement in the implementing phase.

Management and skills development
Implementation of learning and training programs with a focus on learning transfer etc.

General business advice
Minova Consulting always works from a collaboration and partnering perspective to ensure:

  • Close cooperation between our clients and ourselves, where both partners contribute key people and skills to the project
  • Minova sees the project from the client’s perspective and needs.
  • Effective support to the customer in relation to project management, independent management and coordination, which ensures an intensive transfer of knowledge to the company.

Through this collaboration our clients benefit significantly from a flexible and efficient design process with the optimal use of external consultants and an internal motivational skill to ensure anchoring and ownership.