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Consulting services

Globalization, increased customer expectations, resource shortages and continued technological development means increased competitive terms. This inevitably leads to the need for transition and change for the individual company to remain competitive.

Our clients’ lives are often characterized by complex business processes in environments that continuously generate new requirements with regards to development needs, linking people/organizations and systems while also requiring a high level of knowledge and competence. This results in an ever-increasing need for change, the need to manage the change process and to implement the change effectively.

Our expertise in organization and systems development as well as our practical experience in the design and implementation of projects, combined with a clear position on the importance of the individual in the organization, makes us the ideal change and improvement partner.

Minova uses proven management tools tailored to your specific needs. We offer consultancy in following areas:

See table of Minova Consulting Sevices in PDF format

In connection with the implementation of specific concepts, Minova’s operating style utilizes techniques that embrace a considerable degree of involvement with our client’s employees in the course of the project. In our experience this is the best way to guarantee successful change implementation and to ensure continuous profitable development.

In the implementation of specific initiatives Minova engages in a partnership with its clients where both parties contribute key people and skill to the project. This ensures:

  • Close collaboration between the client and ourselves.
  • Minova sees the project from the customer’s perspective.
  • Effective support for the client in project management, independent management and coordination enables an intensive transfer of knowledge to the client.

Minova’s successes prove that through this collaboration clients achieve significant benefits, including a smooth and efficient project process. The combination of the optimal use of external consultants, as well as a motivating internal power structure ensures anchoring and ownership of the changes.