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Minova Consulting creates optimal solutions for our clients as we utilize high levels of technical and creative skills across selected complementary disciplines.

To ensure the best conditions for our clients and ourselves, Minova’s work is characterized by the following values:

Customer focus: The primary purpose of Minova Consulting’s work is to improve our customer’s business situation, profitability and action opportunities. This is why our customer’s needs are the first priority and we work in partnership with our clients.

Competence: Minova Consulting aims to provide consulting services of the highest quality. Therefore, in our counseling and interaction with our clients, we do not compromise on our professionalism or trust of our company.

Accountability: Minova Consulting’s approach directly influences outcomes and are of strategic importance to our clients. Therefore our counseling is developed and administered respectfully to benefit the world, our clients and our own company.

Strategic development: Learning and development are key components of our work, both for our clients and internally. As a result we focus on both people and organizational development, bringing learning to practice.